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Every person has their own color. Did you know that?” he said. “No, I didn’t.” “Each individual has their own unique color, which shines faintly around the contours of their body. Like a halo. Or a backlight. I’m able to see those colors clearly. (Haruki Murakami)

Wear Eco Cashmere

We love cashmere, but we love eco-cashmere even more.

Paolo Nero is the new brand from Gitex Srl, the historic company founded by Carlo Galano, whose goal has always been to promote everything Made in Italy.

Hard work, authenticity, passion and innovative ideas, together with the fundamental contribution made by the designers has seen production exported and sought after all over the world.
Craftsmanship, quality, style, technology and experimentation are just a few of the values to which Gitex wished to draw attention. Fundamental, as always: environmental protection, sustainability and ethical and conscious consumption.

Careful study and research have led the company to specialise in an increasingly popular and constantly evolving sector: the processing of high quality cashmere, via the use of processes which enable the regeneration of raw materials.

Thus Paolo Nero was born – the new “Eco-friendly” brand for a greener and waste-free fashion.
Regenerated cashmere yarns give life to garments that are always glamorous, to be worn on any occasion.
Softness which is perceptible to the touch, intense colours, attention to detail and unmistakeable design are the essence of the Paolo Nero collection.

Our Mission

The search for sustainable and high quality materials. Italian style and workmanship, in total respect for nature.
Paolo Nero is not just a brand; it is a movement of people who love to make a difference.
A Paolo Nero garment is not limited to being “beautiful”; it is practical, long-lasting, and fits perfectly. It does not need to be handled with particular care, and it certainly should not be kept in a drawer; it must be worn and lived in.
Quality cashmere is among one of the most resistant yarns in the world; it is not your usual, ordinary wool. You can scrunch it up or tie knots in it: it will always come back soft, wonderful, comfortable, like new.
#wear and #live #EcoCashmere

Our Vision

We sincerely believe in the need to spread the culture of sustainable fashion, and are driven by the desire to be part of a revolution that involves the entire fashion system.
Also in the near future, we aim to carry out the selection of regenerated raw materials on a wider scale and to take care of the supply chain, reducing its environmental impact. Each step – dyeing, transformation of the yarn into a product, hand finishing – is subjected to continuous checks in order to guarantee the customer a product of excellent quality, always up to expectations.
Italian manufacturing is based on craft techniques handed down over the centuries, accompanied by innovative components, such as the use of cutting-edge looms.
But there is no phase of production that can be entirely entrusted to a machine; certain seams, joins or complex executions can only be performed by the skilled hands of expert and highly specialised craftsmen, who make their work an authentic art to be preserved.

Ecological and Natural

The regeneration process plumps the cashmere fibre, giving it the softness of the past without the use of chemicals.

Only the highest quality yarns

We carefully select the yarns that form the base of our jumpers, with great attention to the origin of the fibers.

Entirely produced in Italy

We have chosen to design, sew and produce Paolo Nero sweaters entirely in Italy and we are deeply proud of it.

Sustainable production

Reusing cashmere allows a reduction of 90% in the water linked to the production of this precious yarn.

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